Nathen Amin

Nathen Amin is an author from Carmarthenshire, West Wales, who focuses on the 15th Century and the reign of Henry VII. He wrote ‘Tudor Wales’ in 2014 and ‘York Pubs’ in 2016, followed by the first full-length biography of the Beaufort family, ‘The House of Beaufort’ in 2017, an Amazon #1 Bestseller in three historical categories (Wars of the Roses, Norman England, and The Plantagenets & Medieval History). His fourth book, ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders; Simnel, Warbeck and Warwick’, was released in in 2021.

Nathen is an experienced public speaker, presenting talks on the Beauforts, Wars of the Roses, and Henry VII, for more than fifty societies and book festivals, including the BBC History Weekend, Windsor Castle, HistFest, British Museum, Gloucester History Festival, Alison Weir Tours, Lichfield Literature Festival, Oundle Festival of Literature, Lancaster Historical Writing Festival, Bosworth Medieval Festival, Barnet Medieval Festival, and the Richard III Society. He has also featured on British, Australian and German radio and television, as well as in print and online media across the UK. As of 2020, he is a trustee and founding member of the Henry Tudor Trust, and in 2022 was elected a fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders: Simnel, Warbeck And Warwick (2021)

On 22 August 1485, Henry Tudor emerged from the Battle of Bosworth victorious. His disparate army vanquished the forces of Richard III and, according to Shakespeare over a century later, brought ‘smooth-faced peace, with smiling aplenty and fair prosperous days’ back to England. Yet, all was not well early in the Tudor reign. Despite later attempts to portray Henry VII as single-handedly uniting a war-torn England after three decades of conflict, the kingdom was anything but settled. Nor could it be after a tumultuous two-year period that had witnessed the untimely death of one king, the mysterious disappearance of another, and the brutal slaughter of a third on the battlefield.

For the first time in one compelling and comprehensive account, Nathen Amin looks at the myriad of shadowy conspiracies and murky plots which sought to depose the Tudor usurper early in his reign, with particular emphasis on the three pretenders whose causes were fervently advanced by Yorkist dissidents ‒ Lambert Simnel, Perkin Warbeck, and Edward, Earl of Warwick. Just how close did the Tudors come to overthrow long before the myth of their greatness had taken hold on our public consciousness?

The House of Beaufort: The Bastard Line that Captured the Crown (2017)

“The Wars of the Roses were a tumultuous period in English history, with family fighting family for the greatest prize in the kingdom – the throne of England. But what gave the eventual victor, Henry Tudor, the right to claim the throne? What made his mother the great heiress of medieval England? And how could an illegitimate line come to challenge the English monarchy?

This book will uncover the rise of the Beauforts from bastard stock of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, to respected companions of their cousin Henry V, celebrated victor of Agincourt. The Beauforts fell with the House of Lancaster during the 1460s and 1470s, and their hopes and fortunes came to rest upon the shoulders of a teenage widow named Margaret and her young son, Henry. From her would rise the House of Tudor, the most famous of all England’s royal houses and a dynasty who owed their crown to their forebears, the House of Beaufort. From bastards to princes, the Beauforts are medieval England’s most intriguing family.”

York Pubs (2016)

York is the second-most visited city in the UK, attracting millions of visitors from all across the world who are spellbound by the city’s medieval churches, quaint snickelways and its plentiful pubs. In 1663 it was recorded that York had 263 licensed public houses. As the population of York increased, so did the number of licensed pubs. Seebohm Rowntree’s early twentieth-century survey revealed that York had one licensed establishment for every 230 people.

The pubs that have survived into the modern era each have their own individual story to tell, a tale sure to entertain and fascinate while you sit perched at the bar. This book catalogues the most intriguing capers from the city’s historic pubs and will give the reader an introduction to a fascinating alehouse-based history of York.

Tudor Wales (2014)

‘The Tudors are one of history’s most infamous families and the era over which they reigned still captures the public’s interest without rival. ‘Tudor England’ in itself has become a well known phrase that covers many aspects of the era, particularly architecture, arts and the lifestyle. What is often overlooked however is that the Tudors, whilst coming to encompass all that is considered great about England, were a Welsh dynasty with their roots firmly entrenched in the hills across Offa’s Dyke.

This guide will take you on a journey throughout the beautiful country of Wales and expose the reader to the hidden gems of the Tudor era, from Harlech Castle in the north to Pembroke Castle in the west, and from the holy Bishop’s Palace at Lamphey to the sacred Cathedral at St David’s. From Dale, Carew and Penmynydd to Raglan, Conwy and Denbigh, every part of W ales has Tudor links, both to the royal Tudors and their more obscure Welsh ancestors. This guide will put you on the path to a true Tudor experience in the Land of their Fathers’.


Upcoming Events

11 March 2023 – ‘Henry VII, England’s Unlikeliest Monarch’, History Icons, Manchester

22/23 April 2023 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Glastonbury Medieval Fayre, Glastonbury

27 May 2023 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Katherine Swynford Study Day, Lincoln (Tickets – PROMO code NATHEN)

3 June 2023 – ‘The Wars of the Roses’ for Battlefields Trust, St Albans

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30 July 2023 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Harvington Hall, Worcestershire

8 September 2023 – ‘Henry VII and Tudor Pretenders’ for Markenfield Hall, Ripon

23 September 2023 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Essex Historical Association, Chelmsford

2/3 October 2023 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Warwick Words Festival, Warwick

Past Events

2 March 2016 – ‘Researching York Pubs’, for the Association of Voluntary Guides, York

21 July 2016 – ‘Researching York Pubs’, for Dringhouses Local History Group, York

20 August 2016 – ‘Henry Tudor, a Welsh King?’, for Bosworth Anniversary Event, Bosworth

29 October 2016 – ‘Rhys ap Thomas, Friend and Foe’, for Richard III Foundation Conference, Market Bosworth

18 June 2017 – ‘Henry VII, From Exile to King’ for 530th Anniversary of Stoke Field, East Stoke

12 July 2017 – ‘Researching York Pubs’ for York Explore Library, York

22 August 2017 – ‘The House of Beaufort’ for Waterstones, York

3 September 2017 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Tudor Summit 2017

30 September 2017 – ‘Henry VII, a Welsh King?’ for Llanelli Literary Festival, Llanelli

28 October 2017 – ‘The House of Beaufort’ for Waterstones Lancaster Historical Writing Festival, Lancaster

25 November 2017 – ‘The House of Beaufort’ for Barnet 1471 Battlefield Society, Barnet

26 November 2017 – ‘The House of Beaufort’ for Bosworth Battlefield Centre

15 February 2018 – ‘Researching York Pubs’ for Tang Hall Local History Society, York

17 February 2018 – ‘The House of Beaufort’ for Bed & Bucks Richard III Society, Stony Stratford

13 March 2018 – ‘The Beauforts and St Albans’ for St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archeological Society, Marlborough Road Methodist Church, St Albans

27 March 2018 – ‘The Beauforts and Tewkesbury’ for Evesham Festival of Words, Holland House, Cropthorne, Evesham

28 April 2018 – ‘Writing Tudor Wales’ for Llandeilo LitFest, Llandeilo

4 May 2018 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Oundle Fesitval of Literature, St Peter’s Church, Oundle

19 May 2018 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Lindum Books, Lincoln

22 May 2018 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Alison Weir Tours, Merchant Adventurers Hall, York

16 June 2018 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Stoke Field Anniversary Event, Stoke Hall, Nottinghamshire

2 July 2018 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Towton Battlefield Society, Saxton Village Hall, Saxton, Yorkshire

23 August 2018The Beauforts’ for Southwark Cathedral, London

4 September 2018 – The Beauforts’  for Essex Record Office, Chelmsford

7 September 2018 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Lathom Park Trust, Lathom, Lancashire

13 October 2018The Beauforts’ for London and Home Counties Branch of Richard III Society, Senate House, London

5 January 2019 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Tewkesbury Battlefield Society, Tewkesbury

19 January 2019 – ‘The Beauforts’ for St Peter’s Church, Carmarthen

28 February 2019 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Waterstones, Harrogate

2 March 2019 – ‘Henry VII and Pretenders to the Tudor Crown’, BBC King & Queens Event, Oxford

26 April 2019 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Chantry Chapel, Wakefield

27 April 2019 – ‘The Beauforts’ for the Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge, Sheffield

8 June 2019 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Barnet Medieval Festival, Barnet

17/18 August 2019 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Bosworth Medieval Festival, Bosworth

21 September 2019 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Norfolk Branch of Richard III Society, Norwich

16 October 2019 – ‘Henry VII and Wales’ for Penmaenmawr Historical Society, Conwy

30 January 2020 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Northampton Battlefield Society, Northampton

10 February 2020 – ‘The Beauforts’ for British Museum, London

25 February 2020 – ‘The Beauforts’ for St George’s Chapel, Windsor

3 April 2020 – ‘The Princes in the Tower’ for HistFest Live

19 September 2020 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Gloucester History Festival

27 November 2020 – ‘The Beauforts’ for The Guildhall Library, London

25 February 2021 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for BBC History Magazine

21 March 2021 – ‘The Beauforts’ for The Battlefields Trust, Boroughbridge

26 June 2021 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Lindum Books, Lincoln

15 July 2021 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Southwark Cathedral

11 September 2021 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Lichfield Literature Festival, Lichfield

10 October 2021 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre, Bosworth

1 November 2021 – ‘ ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Towton Battlefield Society, Towton

29 November 2021 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for British Museum, London

4 December 2021 – ‘TudorFest’ for HistFest, British Library, London

25 January 2021 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society, St Albans

1 March 2022 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Lathom Park Trust, Lathom

30 June 2022 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Northampton Battlefields Society, Northampton

21 August 2022 – ‘Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders’ for Bosworth Medieval Festival, Bosworth

5 September 2022 – ‘The Beauforts’ for Colleyweston Historical Society, Collyweston

25 February 2023 – ‘Britain’s Greatest Monarch’, Southwark Cathedral, London

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