York Pubs

York Pubs was published in 2016 by Amberley Publishing.

“York is the second-most visited city in the UK, attracting scores of visitors from all across the world who are spellbound by the city’s medieval churches, quaint snickelways and its plentiful pubs. In 1663 it was recorded that York was had licenced 263 public houses, while a quarter of a century later it was stated twelve million barrels of beer were drunk in a solitary year in Great Britain. As the population of York increased, so did the number of licensed pubs. Seebohm Rowntree’s early twentieth-century survey unveiled that York had one licenced establishment for every 230 people.

The pubs that have survived into the modern era each have their own individual story to tell, a tale sure to entertain and fascinate whilst you sit perched at the bar. This book will look at cataloguing the most intriguing capers from the city’s historic pubs and will give the modern reader an introduction to a fascinating alehouse-based history of York’s past.”


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