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Please find below any Press News relating to myself plus a list of guest blogs I have done for other websites. I have also included a list of any reviews of my work



“Celebrate your Tudor History, Pembrokeshire Told”, Western Mail, 11 May 2012

“Statue Should Advertise Tudor Link”, Western Telegraph, 19 May 2012

“Harri Tudur: Deiseb yn Gofyn am Gerflun ym Mhenfro, BBC Wales, 8 January 2013

“Assembly Petition Calls for Henry VII Statue in Pembroke”, Tenby Observer, 11 January 2013

“Lets Celebrate Pembrokeshire’s Links to the Tudor Dynasty”, Western Mail, 11 April 2013

“Tycroes Author Takes Tour Through Tudor Wales”, South Wales Guardian, 18 March 2014

“Historical Author Visits Battlefield”, Hinckley Times, 20 June 2014

“Henry VIII had his eye on a Seventh Wife Before He Died”, Leicester Mercury, 11 March 2015

“Campaign Launched for Pembroke Henry VII Statue”, Pembroke Observer, 9 October 2015

“A Vision of Pembroke’s Own King Revealed”, Western Telegraph, 14 October 2015



‘Episode 1, British History’s Biggest Fibs’, BBC Four, 26 January 2017


“York Pubs” on Radio Vixen 101, 17 September, 2016

“York Pubs” on BBC Radio York, 16 September 2014

“Henry Tudor” on BBC Radio Wales, 29 January 2016

“Henry VII, Forgotten Welsh King?” on BBC Radio Wales, 14 February 2013


Guest Blogs

Author Interview for Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers

“Ednyfed Fychan, Father of the Tudor Dynasty” for Historic UK

“St Peter’s Church, Carmarthen” (Tudor Wales Extract) for Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers


Book Reviews

Tudor Wales by The Anne Boleyn Files

Tudor Wales by Anglotopia.Net

Tudor Wales by The Writing Desk

Tudor Wales by Wars of the Roses Catalogue

Tudor Wales by Tudor Times

Tudor Wales Amazon Reviews

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