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  1. hi, My name is Mobarak and i’m a student of Moat Community college from Leicester UK. we are doing Citizenship campaigns about Not all muslims are terrorist so we want some support like information from you to raise awareness on that. Thankyou

  2. Can you please include me on your email address when you are sending out blogs?

    I am the same age as Gary Speed and he done the London Marathon in 2010 the same day as me. R.I.P.

  3. Hi, is it not about time that Cymru had ts own Premier League rather than pandering to the English, Swans should champion that laudable aim. Imagine a Welsh only Premier League think what it could do for the iaith. Actually I’m surprised we are allowed to play in the English Premiership – there s no way they should be allowed to play in ours.

  4. Nathan, I met your mother today at a family funeral, I was in primary school and lived a few doors down from your grandmother Muriel. We got talking about family trees and it was at that time you were mentioned as a specialist in the field. The gentleman that had passed away was a Siriol Williams, I believe his Grandfather was married into the Edwards family, hence your family being at the funeral.
    They mentioned that you had already constructed the Edwards family tree, have you also followed the Williams side by any chance?
    Just out of interest my grandmother always said we, the Williams’s were related to Cromwell but there were no Cromwell’s as far as I knew ever cropped up. Then by chance I came across an old Cromwell lineage chart and there back a few generations was the change in Surname from Williams to Cromwell. Apparently there was already an Oliver Williams in Parliament so the name of an uncle was used, hence the change. The other odd thing was at this time the family lived in mid-Wales and ‘The Oliver Cromwell’ did march down past the family home and you never know but possibly called in for a mug of home brew.
    Hope you are well up there in York perhaps the next book could be about the influence of Wales on Cromwell. Good luck, Colin.

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