Blog Anthology

The following are a collection of blogs written in previous years. Please check them out and leave your thoughts.

Henry VIII; An Essay Exploring the Two Sides of History’s Most Infamous Monarch

Henry Tudor Statue Campaign in Pembroke

A Review of the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

A Review of ‘The Daughter of Time’

The Tudor Family of Penmynydd 1200-1400

A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor Wales

A Welshman Exiled in Brittany – Following in the Footsteps of Henry Tudor

The Princes in the Tower – The Defence Case for Henry VII

Owen Tudor – Father of a Dynasty

Henry Tudor – A Proud Welshman

The Lancastrian Succession after 1471

John Blanke, The Tudors ‘Blacke Trumpeter’

My Dissertation – An Analysis of Newspaper Representations of the Whitechapel Murders of 1888 and the Role the Media Played in the Infamy of Jack the Ripper

A Miner’s Story – My Grandfather

History of Welsh Flags

Sir William Herbert of Raglan

Henry Tudor or Henry Beaufort; A Question of Paternity

Brittany and the Tudors

Henry VII; the King Maligned as a Miser

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